The Cubo Yaki Planter is handcrafted from Reclaimed Solid Wood Materials and treated with an ancestral Japanese technique called Yakisugi. Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. Yaki means to heat with fire, and Sugi means wood. This technique, which is sometimes also referred as Shou Sugi Ban, entails the slight charring of the surface of the wood, without combusting the whole piece, the wood becomes waterproof through the carbonization and is thus more durable. The Cubo-Yaki is a work of art that will seed unique vibes to any space.




*Each Planter varies in Texture, Species & Natural Characteristics such as Color, Nail Holes, Knots, Natural Splits, Etc.

With each Product, we provide “Certificates of Authenticity” which highlight the Origins of the material as well as a the Age and added value of our product.

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Additional information

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10", 12", 4", 6", 8"

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